Founded in 2013, the agency is a consulting and image, public relations firm. The agency has organized several fashion shoots, fashion shows, and create several magazines.

AGENCE MEDIANE , communication agency, public relations and image management agency now opens its department TALENTS & MANNEQUINS.

We will be able to accompany you in the development of your career (image, advertising campaign, management of image rights contracts).

AGENCE MEDIANE Y is composed of a team of bookers, photographers, D.A.

We invite you to apply on to join the agency and participate in our clients’ and our own projects.

More information : +07 49 60 96 02

Contact info


Phone +33 6 31 89 55 32 +33 6 10 18 95 64
Address Agence Médiane
2, place Grimaldi
06000 Nice – FRANCE

    International Talent and Celebrity Agency

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